Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Advanced Techniques for Keynote Timelines

Once you have mastered creating quick timelines in Keynote, you can use simple features to make the timeline more appealing to the viewer.

The use of color and photographs are two simple ways to get more information to your jury. For example, logos of hospitals and photographs of your client and his doctors help personalize the timeline.

X-rays can be compelling exhibits when displayed as part of a timeline. For more examples, watch the Two Minute Tech Tip for Trial Lawyers on Advanced Techniques for Keynote Timelines.

Quick Timelines Using Keynote

Every trial is a story and every story has a timeline. Often a graphic representation of a Timeline helps a trial attorney tell his client's story better. In complex cases, a complex timeline software is useful but in simpler cases you can create useful timelines using Keynote. Watch this Two Minute Tech Tip for Trial Lawyers to see how to make a Quick and Simple Timeline using Keynote.

Keynote Callouts

An important skill that a trial attorney using a Mac needs to master is the ability to make callouts quickly. A callout is an blowup view of a section of a document, usually displayed over the original document. Callouts allow the viewers (jurors) to see and read a portion of a document that the attorney selects.

Keynote has the built-in ability to make callouts quickly using the copy and mask functions. Watch this Two Minute Tech Tip for Trial Attorneys video to see how it is done.